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On our guestlist for this year you will find performing arts companies like Nederlands Dans Theater and Schaubühne Berlin, boundary breakers within choreography, music and production as Christiane Jatahy, Mathilde Monnier, La Ribot and Rokia Traoré. The 14th edition of the Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival puts the spotlight on Nordic creations alongside a diverse international programme bursting with theatre, dance, performance and music.


Photo: Rahi Rezvani

Saturday 25/8 at 20.00, Sunday 26/8 at 16.00
GöteborgsOperan / Gothenburg
– Dance –

Shoot the Moon / Singuliére Odyssée / The Statement / Woke up Blind


Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT)
Choreographers: Paul Lightfoot / Sol León / Crystal Pite / Marco Goecke

Netherlands Dance Theatre (NDT) has been one of the world’s leading modern dance companies for decades, and performs around the globe. They bring to the festival an evening composed of four separate works. Shoot the Moon, Singuliére Odyssée, The Statement and Woke up Blind present a powerful stage experience.

Photo: Ben Mergelsberg

Tuesday 21/8 at 18.00, Wednesday 22/8 at 20.00
Backa Teater / Gothenburg
– Dance –

Dark Field Analysis

Jefta van Dinther

Dark Field Analysis is a conversation between two naked men on a rug. The choreography places that which is human in relation to other life forms. The organic meets the synthetic, the human meets the bestial and the physical meets the immaterial. Experience a mental thriller about our existence.

Photo: Jens Krause

Sunday 19/8 at 19.00, Stora Teatern / Gothenburg
Tuesday 21/8, at  19.00 Mölnlycke Kulturhus / Mölnlycke
Thursday 23/8 at 18.00, Sinclair gymnasium / Uddevalla
– Dance –


Twisted Feet, Anna Holmström & Link Bink


Experimental Battle 

Twisted Feet in co-operation with Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival presents an evening packed full with urban contemporary dance. We are offered some of Europe’s new hot talents in the styles Experimental, Contemporary and Locking. Onstage: three unique works created especially for the festival evening by Twisted Feet and Anna Holmström.

Photo: Marc Coudrais

Tuesday 21/8 at 21.00
Stora Teatern / Gothenburg
– Dance –



Mathilde Monnier & La Ribot 

More than thirty years as performing artists have moulded Mathilde Monnier from France and La Ribot from Spain into icons in their respective genres. Together they created Gustavia which is built on classic burlesque. Using mime, slapstick and role-switching, they explore classic themes such as femininity and death. It is comic, absurd and avant-garde.

Friday 17/8 at 21.00
Pustervik / Gothenburg
– Dance –

The Decades Ball – A History of Slay-Age



Vogueing is an art form that emerged in some gay communities of New York during the early 1980’s. Poses from the fashion magazine Vogue were copied on the dance floor, and then gradually developed into a variety of dance styles. Hand and arm movements are often central in vogueing, as are the impulses toward symmetry and precision. The art form is a mix of high quality dance and playful entertainment with elements of drag.


Photo: Alette Schei Rørvik

Sunday 19/8 at 16.00 & Monday 20/8 at 19.00
Atalante / Gothenburg
– Theatre –

Manifest United


Verk Produksjoner

An artistic manifesto that is eccentric and scandalous and combines humor with wisdom. The Norwegian theatre company Verk (Work) has created a production based on the last hundred years’ artistic manifestos, resulting in a tempest of ideas, changes and artistic insights!

Photo: Arno Declair

Friday 24/8 at 20.00 & Saturday 25/8 at 18.00
Göteborgs Stadsteater / Gothenburg
– Theatre –

Ein Volksfeind (An Enemy of the People)


Schaubühne Berlin
By: Henrik Ibsen (adapted by Florian Borchmeyer)
Direction: Thomas Ostermeier

Schaubühne Berlin is considered one of the most outstanding companies in Europe for contemporary theatre. This year the company brings us Thomas Ostermeier’s version of Ibsen’s dark satire, An Enemy of the People, seething with topical references. How are truth and falsity valued in our current political context?


Photo: Marcin Nowak

Sunday 19/8 at 19.00, Monday 20/8 at 19.00
Folkteatern / Gothenburg
– Theatre –


Christiane Jatahy
Based on Miss Julie by August Strindberg

The Brasilian film and theatre director Christiane Jatahy creates a scenic piece that challenges time and space, in which the team films and edits in actual time. In Julia, Strindberg’s classic social drama is transported to contemporary Brasil where Julia, from a hip upper-class enclave in Rio, falls head-over-heels for the family’s driver. It is intimate, physical and brutal. Experience Strindberg’s Miss Julie in an entirely new way.

Photo: Kayhan Kaygusuz

Thursday 23/8 at 18.00 & Friday 24/8 at 18.00
Backa Teater / Gothenburg
– Theatre –

Skuggorna av Mart


Backa Teater
Based on a novel by Stig Dagerman
Direction: Mattias Andersson

Backa Teater’s Skuggorna av Mart is a newly-written play by Mattias Andersson, strongly influenced by Stig Dagerman’s play Skuggan av Mart (Mart’s Shadow). We meet three people who are nothing, but who dream about leaving a lasting imprint on the earth. Shadows play around them, beautiful and frightening. Fiction is mixed with documentary reality and truth with lies.


Photo: Mario del Curto

23-24/8 at 18.00, 25/8 at 16.00 & 26/8 at 14.00
Circus tent outside Röda sten / Gothenburg
– Circus –

Pour le meilleur et pour le Pire (For Better or for Worse)

Cirque Aîtal

Cirque Aïtal take us far away from the glamour of circus. They lie on the ground, scream for dear life, shift from laughter to tears and offer a new circus show as swinging and intensive as it is sad and strong. For Better or for Worse tells the story of Victor and Kati who live a raw circus life-style and wallow in poetry, rock’n roll and humor!

Photo: Christophe Raynaud de la Lage

Friday 17/8 & Saturday 18/8 at 19.00
Stora Teatern / Göteborg

Tuesday 21/8 at 19.30
Vara Konserthus / Vara

– Circus – 

Il n´est pas encore minuit… (It´s Not Yet Midnight…)

Compagnie XY

Inaugurate the festival with Compagnie XY’s exceptionally acrobatic new circus performance which extends the limits of our understanding of the physically possible! 22 acrobats enter the stage and invite us into a vibrating party. Expectations are high and we begin to approach the party’s climax!



Photo: Danny Willems

Thursday 23/8 at 21.00
Stora Teatern / Gothenburg
Music / theatre –

Dream Mandé-Djata

Rokia Traoré

Rokia Traoré moves skillfully between acoustic folk music from Mali and rock-riffing tuareg blues, jazz and pop. Her albums are praised by the critics and she tours the world in a variety of constellations. In Dream Mandé-Djata she mounts the stage as a story-teller in a performance based on Griot, the ancient West African narrative tradition. Experience a beautiful, poetic and personal performance piece.


Photo: Simo Karisalo

Wednesday 22/8 at 18.00
Atalante / Gothenburg
Performance –


Sonja Jokiniemi

The Finnish artist Sonja Jokiniemi’s production Blab is a hybrid between performance, visual art, sculpture and dance. Join a sensual journey that moves beyond categorization of the unknown. Release yourself into a tangled, awkward thought process without beginning or end.

Photo: Marina Popovic

Thursday 23/8 at 16.00 & 19.00
Folkteatern / Gothenburg
Theatre –

There is a Noise

Freya Sif Hestnes and Marina Popovic

There is a Noise is an artistic collaboration between Freya Sif Hestnes and Marina Popovic. From a grandmother’s diary written when she was sixteen in 1945 to a story about fleeing from war as a child. This is a theatre performance that explores how personal narratives can find their way into the universal. The audience is invited to sit around a table while the stories gradually emerge through the steam of fried waffles…

Photo: Simo Karisalo

Friday 24/8 at 10.00-22.00
Blå Stället / Gothenburg
Performance –

Quiet dances

Wilhelm Blomberg & Maja Hannisdal

Quiet dances (Tysta danser) is a dance installation that plays with the tension between artists and observers. During 10 hours, 10 dancers occupy a shop window, one at a time, wearing earphones and a blindfold. We see them but they don’t see us. Who may be seen on our stages – and why?

Photo: Chrisander Brun

Friday 24/8 at 20.00
Atalante / Gothenburg
– Dance

In the Distance, Troy

Magnus Myhr

In the distance, Troy expresses an experienced outer and inner conflict between femininity and masculinity in a man´s body. Magnus Myhr uses his own experiences to investigate a taboo in our present time: that of exceeding gender norms.

Photo: Ingvild Bertelsen

Wednesday 22/8 at 15.00 & 17.00
3:e Våningen / Gothenburg
Dance –

In Front Of

Meleat Fredriksson

Meleat Fredriksson invites the audience to a dance solo in which the styles are freely mixed. Meleat’s work focuses on rhythms, improvisation and rapidity. In Front Of is about a choir of sorts. A choir that transforms into thoughts that ask and answer that in turn become judgments, confirmations and affirmative words.

The festival is presented in collaboration with GöteborgsOperan, Göteborgs Stadsteater, Backa Teater, Folkteatern, 3:e Våningen, Blå Stället, Atalante and with Stora Teatern as the central hub and meeting place. As part of a new regional initiative, some performances will also be presented at various venues in Västra Götalandsregionen.

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