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På bild: Anna Holmström

På bild: Link Bink

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Twisted Feet, Anna Holmström & Link Bink



19 Aug

ca 2h

Stora Teatern



175 kr


Twisted Feet, Anna Holmström & Link Bink

stora teatern

Show and battle are combined when the celebrated dance company Twisted Feet and The Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival present X-TRACT – an evening filled with urban contemporary dance: three unique pieces before the break and an Experimental Battle afterwards!

Act 1:
Link Bink is a French dancer who has taken the international battle scene by storm with his unique mix of hip-hop, contemporary and experimental styles. He’s here in Gothenburg with his performance Vendetta.

Anna Holmström unites modern jazz and acrobatics with urban dance styles. She is active as a dancer and choreographer in a variety of contexts and runs the company Petricore Movement. This evening’s piece is entitled Debris. 

Twisted Feet finishes the first act with their performance Helius skugga (Helius’ shadow) – a fight for survival in a not-too-distant future.

Act 2:
The stage will be struck and rebuilt and an Experimental Battle will take place. International and local dancers will compete to the fat beats of a DJ. The winner will be chosen and celebrated by professional judges together with the audience.

Link Bink

Choreographer: Link Berthomieux
Music: Linky Larson

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The festival is produced by Stora Teatern and is the natural meeting spot throughout the festival week.

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