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Photo: Marcin Nowak

Photo: Marcin Nowak

Photo: Marcin Nowak

Photo: Marcin Nowak

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Christiane Jatahy



19 Aug

ca 1h 10min



Language: Portuguese with English subtitles


250 kr


Christiane Jatahy


Miss Julie has been performed in a thousand different ways in a wide variety of genres. But has it ever before appeared as a film-in-the-making?

Julia is neither theatre nor film, but rather a hybrid and – something else. This is not traditional theatre with “multimedial elements”. In this piece, theatre and film combine into a third genre. Pre-filmed sequences are shuffled with paparazzi-like live shots of intense moments with Julia and Jean, all clipped and edited during the performance. A new film is created every night, and audiences will be able to involve themselves in a number of takes of each scene.

Christiane Jatahy is one of Brazil’s most highly-praised directors. Her goal is to create a living, dynamic relationship with audiences. Since the beginning of the millennium, she has been exploring the relationships between audience and stage, reality and fiction, actors and characters.

Strindberg’s classic plot appears here in a hip neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, where the upper-class girl and the family chauffeur dance their fateful tango to the bitter end.

NOTE: Sexually explicit scenes.

Performed in Portuguese with English subtitles

Director: Christiane Jatahy
Adaptation of Miss Julie by August Strindberg: Christiane Jatahy
Performed by: Julia Bernat and Rodrigo dos Santos
Performed in the film: Tatiana Tiburcio
Set designer: Marcelo Lipiani and Christiane Jatahy
Lighting designer: Renato Machado and David Pacheco
Costume: Angele Fróes
Music: Rodrigo Marçal
Photography: David Pacheco
Camera Live: Paulo Camacho
Video technician: Felipe Norkus
Light operator: Leandro Barreto
Sound operator: Diogo Magalhães
Stage manager: Thiago Katona
Tour Manager: Henrique Mariano

Realization by Cia Vértice de Teatro

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