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The Outdoor Program

Let yourself be entertained by clever humorists, amazed by colorful acrobats, and seduced by street artists with unique talents. On Friday, August 23 and Saturday, August 24, our thirtieth anniversary celebration will begin with a “street festival in the festival” in central Gothenburg. Take the whole family along and let yourself be enchanted by a number of unforgettable outdoor performances for everyone.
Free admission.

The Horsemen / Les Goulus
Three quite arrogant and elegant horsemen trot down the street in their very own horse show. Well to be honest, they are not necessarily the most accomplished equestrians on the planet, and maybe not the cleverest either. However, they compensate for their shortcomings with a self-aware attitude which – as they approach the end of their performance – they have reason to reconsider.

Les Goulus from France was founded in the year 2000 and has, since then, toured internationally with their entertaining street performances.

Bench Invasion / Compagnie KraK
Bench Invasion with the Belgian group Compagnie KraK is a pop-up performance. A small-scale, interactive performance that involves our city’s citizens in various ways. The festival invites ten locals to take the role of bench-bearer. They are each issued a bench and then, half an hour later, they will set up their benches and offer passers-by the opportunity to sit down and converse about all things under the sun.

La Lévitation Réelle / Compagnie L’immédiat
Camille Boitel and the highly praised collective Compagnie L’immédiat have invented their own movement language that is so believable that even the acrobats’ own bodies are convinced. For these extremely professional circus artists, all that is needed is precision and hard training to make their audiences believe that the laws of physics are no longer in effect. Imagine if someone suddenly risked levitating from the ground and disappearing out into oblivion…?

Flowerpots, Waiters, Pigeon Poo People & Nudes / Natural Theatre Company
Is the need to laugh perhaps greater than ever before? After a good-sized dose of the British rays of sunshine in The Natural Theatre Company the problem is usually solved. These artists with their inventive performances have the ability to transform mundane existence into silly playfulness.

PELAT / Joan Català
With a four-meter-long pole, a twirly rope and a metal pail full of cloth swatches and chalk, a performer can unite the world. Or at least the audience. Joan Català from Catalonia lets objects and people interact with simple props and easy techniques.

Heromacro Show / Hiroshi & Masako
The Japanese couple Hiroshi & Masako are among the absolute foremost street artists in the world. They are acrobats at a level approaching perfection and their partner acrobatics leave nobody unmoved.

Bien Joué / Fermin Mora
There are artists who possess the ability to enchant the world, who scrape away boring routines to find the magic life in that which surrounds us every day. Charlie Chaplin was such an artist, and so is the Argentinian Fermin Mora.

Kalabazi / Jessica Arpin
Kalabazi is a comic, sensitive cycle performance about how to kill an hour’s time and find a partner in the meantime – a balancing act far beyond the usual.

Hanging by a Thread / Di Filippo Marionette
Hanging by a Thread is a poetic, beautiful and unusual puppet theatre show for all ages – an evocative performance that spellbinds children and causes adults to dream.

Macadam Piano et Melle 1925 / Macadam Piano
A grand piano on wheels, a pianist in a derby hat and an elegant free rider with a violin – the French performance Macadam Piano et Melle 1925 is an unusually agile concert that takes us back to the childhood of jazz.

Su-Seso / Murmuyo
Murmuyo has a mission – he is here to disturb the given order of things. He invites the audience and innocent passers-by to widen their vision and look around with new perspectives.

Danskalaset and Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival


On the 24th and 25th of August, we invite you to a party for the whole family inside Kronhuset and on the Kronhuset courtyard. This is done in collaboration with Danskalaset. Gothenburg’s oldest house and courtyard will be filled with various stages where you can experience colourful dance performances, try ballet, and explore street moves and folk dances. Learn to juggle, wheel, and stand on your hands with our talented acrobats. Additionally, there will be face painting and free popcorn for all children!

Free admission

At Danskalaset, our performances include: Kalabazi / Jessica Arpin and Hanging by a Thread / Di Filippo Marionette.

About Danskalaset:

Danskalaset is organized by the Swedish National Ballet School in Gothenburg, the dance schools Move, Jumps & Turns and City Dansstudio. The goal is to inspire, engage, and enable dance for more children in the Västra Götaland region. The different dance schools will have their own space at Danskalaset where they will provide information about their respective offerings.

Gothenburg Culture Festival X Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival


The festival takes over Bältesspännarparken on August 30-31 with stunning silhouettes waving in the breeze, outdoor disco with avatars, a ballerina who dances with traffic cones, circus acts for all ages and a summary of the entire festival in slow motion. This is a collaboration with The Gothenburg Culture Festival.

Free admission

Animare / Moving Poles
Moving Poles is a spectacular and captivating aerial acrobatics performance. With the help of swing poles, the acrobats gracefully soar several meters into the air, almost touching the sky. The Belgian company creates explosive outdoor performances worldwide, but not on the ground – instead, several meters up in the air.

Cirkus Cirkör / Cirkusliv
Cirkus Cirkör rolls into town with a real-deal circus wagon, ready to throw the ultimate party! Watch as the performers fly through the air, juggle like pros, and perform tricks that’ll leave you in awe. Circus Life is a fun-filled, family-friendly extravaganza, packed with laughter and joy!

Aloun Marchal / AVATARED
An interactive and explorative dance performance. Avatars host the event and charge the atmosphere with dance and electronic music. Surrender to the rhythm, explore the freedom of dance and collective presence!

Aloun Marchal is a prize-winning French dancer and choreographer. He lives in Gothenburg and tours the world.

Avatared is presented with the support of The French Institute.

Abi Collins / Street Show with Abi Collins
Abigail Collins is renowned for her mixture of comedy and circus. Whether she’s dancing Swan Lake with road cones on her feet in the role of the Russian diva Katinka or storming through space as Angel Rodriguez, Brooklyn’s own Beyoncé, Abigail’s work is skilled, sexy and very, very silly. Her unique, inviting humor pulls audiences immediately into street performances that are unforgettable experiences.

Bataljonen / Bataljonens dans- och teaterfestival
Spies are sneaking around the festival. You might meet them in the midst of audiences, in theatre foyers or at late-night parties. They are making a survey of the festival which they will present at the end in a spectacular show. Directed and choreographed by Saga Björklund Jönsson and Hanna Morau, anyone at all can participate onstage when we reveal all the festival’s secrets. Lip-sync, synchronized choreography, new acrobatics, investigative journalism and, above all, spy-action-thriller-comedy.

Presented in collaboration with Göteborgs Kulturkalas with the support of Göteborg & Co.

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