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150 kr

Foto: Jo Fong

Foto: Jo Fong

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Foto: Sonia Hughes

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27 Aug

ca 90 min

Vitlycke Centre for Performing Arts



150 kr




Join us for some experimental dance theatre when the adventurous British company Quarantine visits Vitlycke Centre for Performing Arts in Tanum. Wallflower is an improvised dance marathon where each performance differs from the previous.

Can you remember all the dances you’ve danced? This is the question posed by the three performers at the start of the piece Wallflower. The audience is then treated to a playful and improvised dance marathon, constantly transforming depending on the performers on stage.

The dances are all followed by a personal story, making the performance something quite unique. Each dancer decide for themselves how much they want to share, and at what point – and for each performance new dances are added. Perhaps we’ll experience a pulsating reggae dance, an awkward teenage slow dance or grand musical numbers – no one knows beforehand what will come up. In this piece, dance is used as a portal to the imagination.

British theatre and performance company Quarantine are based in Manchester, United Kingdom, and this is their first visit to Sweden.
Their work often consists of extended and deep research with the actors on stage. In their projects they often try to present people who are otherwise rarely represented on stage. Previous collaborators have been philosophers, soldiers, chefs, children, florists, opera singers and others.

The company is a unique voice in contemporary British theatre and has gained international acclaim for their experiments involving every day stories.

The performance Wallflower could be described as a theatre performance or a dance marathon. It helps us remember our own dances; the embarrassing ones, the lovely ones, the forgotten. When do we choose to involve ourselves in the world around us? When do we choose to stand by the sideline watching?
We are very proud to present the Swedish premiere of Wallflower at Vitlycke Centre for Performing Arts in Tanum, in northern Bohuslän.

Director: Richard Gregory
On stage: Sonia Hughes, Jo Fong,James Monaghan, Greg Akehurst
Dramaturgy: Renny O’Shea
Choreography assistant: Jane Mason
Scenography: Simon Banham
Light design: Malcolm Rippeth
Production manager: Greg Akehurst
Producent: Ali Dunican
Med stöd av: Arts Council England

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