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Photo: Henrik Hellström

Photo: Henrik Hellström

Photo: Henrik Hellström

Photo: Robin Jonsson

Illustrator: Eero Lampinen

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Sindri Runudde

Cosmetic Demons - a Choreographic Salon


28 Aug

ca 65min




205 kr


Sindri Runudde

Cosmetic Demons - a Choreographic Salon

Time for a trim? Feel welcome to seat yourself at Cosmetic Demons, an intimate hair salon where you don’t have to see yourself in the mirror. Or maybe you’ll get to see yourself in a totally new light.

This interior design is quite different from those we’re used to seeing at hair salons – here the customer meets a living mirror image. Working together, three hair stylists, three customers and three dancers create a social arena for everything from gossip and make-up to fantasies and dreams. The result is an extravagant evening filled with cosmetic transformations and a collective exposé of the inner demons that hide under the bangs.

Sindri Runudde is a dancer and choreographer educated in dance as well as circus. Sindri performs in Sweden and internationally. Humor, curiosity and a playful attitude toward the body as a living archive characterize Sindri’s art. Runudde combines sensual exploration of bodily response to stimuli with stories and songs, frequently using words and concepts that develop into metaphorical games. The foundation includes a queer perspective and an agenda of political approachability.

Cosmetic Demons is an interactive experience in which the audience members are invited to book chairs in the salon.

The production premiered at Inkonst, Malmö, in April, 2024.

Choreography and text: Sindri Runudde
Rehearsal and artistic assistance: Maia Means
Dancers:  Linn Ragnarsson, Olivier Muller, Víctor Pérez Armero
Choreographic assistance and demonic outer eye: Halla Ólafsdóttir
Composer and sound: Andreas Tilliander
Light: Jonatan Winbo
Costume and stage set: Hanna Kisch och Sindri Runudde
Illustrator: Eero Lampinen

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