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Photo: Danny Willems

Rokia Traoré

Dream Mandé-Djata


23 Aug

ca 1h 15min

Stora Teatern



350 kr


Rokia Traoré

Dream Mandé-Djata
stora teatern

Rokia Traoré is a deeply personal artist with a strong sense of integrity. Her sensitive voice, otherworldly vibrato and multifaceted expressivity profoundly move audiences.

In Dream Mandé-Djata, the critically-praised Traoré performs the epic poem Sundiata Keïta from Mali of the thirteenth century accompanied by two musicians: Mamadyba Camara on kora and Mamah Diabaté on ngoni. Rokia Traoré’s captivating voice and powerful story-telling lift the performance to a completely magical experience.

In Mali, music has traditionally been the exclusive domain of a few families. Although not a member of any of them,  Rokia Traoré has studied griot, the West African song and story-telling tradition, for many years. Parallel with these studies, rather frowned upon by locals, she learned to play the western guitar, far less emotionally challenging in her home environment. For more than twenty years she has now been navigating between acoustic folk music, Tuareg blues, jazz and pop. She often uses the traditional instruments of Mali in modern western styles to the horror of some and the delight of others.

Performed in English

With: Rokia Traoré, Mamadyba Camara (kora), Mamah Diabaté (ngoni)
Text, concept, music: Rokia Traoré
Dramaturgy: Jan Goossens
Scenography: Kurt Bethuyne, Rokia Traoré
Light design: Kurt Bethuyne
Sound: Massimo Cugini
Costumes: Check and Pap Fall
Artistic advice: Peter Sellars
Production: Rock’A Sound live
Coproduction: Festival d’Avignon
Residencies: Fondation Passerelle (Bamako)
Contact and touring: Frans Brood Productions
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