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Foto: Courtesy Christer Lundahl

Lundahl & Seitl

An Elegy to the Medium of Film


22 Aug

ca 70 min



Spelas kl 13:00, 14:30, 16:00, 18:30 & 20:00


150 kr


Lundahl & Seitl

An Elegy to the Medium of Film

At the movie theatre Sagabion on Tjörn, Lundahl & Seitl presents their interactive celebration to cinematography – the performance piece An Elegy to the Medium of Film.

Artist duo Lundah & Seitl’s work often exists in the borderlands between visual art, installations and performance art. They create thematic performances and choreographies that celebrate different art forms and the specific places where art resides.

With An Elegy to the Medium of Film they wish to celebrate film and the movie theatre. Inspired by the legendary Soviet film director Andrei Tarkovsky (1932-86) they will present a piece exploring the future of film. Lundahl & Seitl says that, today we carry so much film and moving images in our heads that we actually need very little external influences to create our own cinematic experience. In the performance they encourage the viewers to actively create films using their own imagination, instead of passively just watching it on a movie screen.

In An Elegy to the Medium of Film the audience is led into a darkened room, once there you are shown several projections. But the projections aren’t shown on a movie screen in front of you – but rather in your own consciousness.
The interaction between art and the audience has always been an inspiration for Swedish artist duo Lundahl & Seitl. The celebration and exploration of different art forms is also part of a longer performance series. Earlier, the piece Proscenium (2012) has visited Dramaten in Stockholm and Symphony of a Missing Room (2009-2014) took place at museums all around Europe. Lundahl & Seitl’s work reflects on the mythological history present in these places, while simultaneously through their work, they help remodel that very history for the years to come.
Christer Lundahl is a curator and an artist and Martina Seitl is a choreographer and an artist. They have been a couple since 2001 and worked together since 2005. When they met they were at different stages in life – Martina studied choreography in London and Christer was on his way of moving to Italy. They quickly discovered that, in spite of their different artistic expression, they shared the same artistic visions and started working together. This turned out to be a fruitful collaboration – over the years they have won several awards, amongst other the Cullberg Award for choreography (2010) and Salzburger Festspiele Directors Award (2011). Their works has been presented at a number of museums and festivals such as Tate Britain, Whitechapel Gallery, Royal Academy of Arts, S.M.A.K. and Magasin 3 in Stockholm.

This is the third time the festival presents a work by Lundahl & Seitl, and we are extra happy to present this performance at Sagabion on Tjörn.

Koncept: Christer Lundahl & Martina Seitl
Video production: Tony Ahola / VideoMaskinen
Sound: Jan Carleklev
Light: David Östberg
Artistic support: Lisette Drangert
With: Laura Hemming-Lowe, Catherine Hoffmann, Genevieve Maxwell, Pia Nordin & Alice Tatge.
Co-production: NXTSTP, with support from the EU’s culture program.
Co-produced by: Göteborgs dans- och teaterfestival, Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival Groningen, steirischer herb st festival. With support from Statens Kulturråd and Sennheiser Nordic.
Thanks: Weld (research space), Bio Rio Stockholm, Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, Royal Academy of Arts London, Joakim Olsson (video consultation), Nikolai Petef Sennheiser (consultation and research), Emma Leach (coordination) and Tjörns kommun.
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