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Photo: Hosea Waroe and Torben Otten

Artist Talk: Marika Hedemyr and Mona el Gammal

Virtual Spaces – Narrative Rooms


10 Sep

ca 1h30min



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Artist Talk: Marika Hedemyr and Mona el Gammal

Virtual Spaces – Narrative Rooms

In the framework of GIBCA Extended, Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival presents an artist talk where we try new perspectives and dive into virtual reliaty art. During a Sunday brunch Marika Hedemyr and Mona el Gammal discuss the challenges of working with art, choreography and theatre in virtual rooms and mixed realities. The discussions are based on the art works Next to You at Korsvägen by Marika Hedemyr and Rhizomat VR made by Mona el Gammal. Moderating the talk is Sarah Melin, curator at Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival.

Mona el Gammal develops Narrative Space since 2006. Together with her team, she creates parallel worlds that incorporate the audience and turn them into protagonists. The work of the scenographer, born in Bochum in 1986, is political theater in a most unusual form – without actors, expanding its stage into the internet.

Her last Narrative Space Rhizomat was sequel to her installation HAUS//NUMMER/NULL, which won her the Cologne Theatre Prize in 2013 and was revived in 2014 for the Theatertreffen Stückemarkt Berlin. Based on this work she developed the Virtual Reality Experience “RHIZOMAT VR” that takes a critical look at the new digital medium.

In Next to You at Korsvägen is a site specific work, which Marika Hedemyr has made for the big public cross road Korsvägen in Gothenburg. In the work the spectator participates via his or her smartphone. Next to You at Korsvägen explores the paradox of our everyday media and social platforms through an interactive walk where your choice of direction is crucial for the course of events. The work remixes the city’s visions of Göteborg as a destination with quotes from Vilhelm Moberg’s novel series The Emigrants, and facts about Korsvägen. A private mixed-reality situation where the experience of the place and the passers-by is intensified.

Next to You at Korsvägen and the Artist Talk are part of GIBCA Extended and are presented in collaboration between Marika Hedemyr and Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival. Next to You at Korsvägen can be experienced avery day between 9.00-19.00 at Korsvägen in Gothenburg during the period 9 September and 19 November.

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