Göteborgs Dans- och teaterfestival
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Friday August 24 at 14.00–15.30 PM
– Kristallfoajén / Stora Teatern –


In the common goal of the sector to bring work to an audience many players are involved. In this panel we will discuss the role of the agent/producer, “the middle hand”, in between the artist, the presenter/curator and the audience.


In association with CAMP (Creative Agent Manage Producer).

Saturday August 25 at 13–17 PM
– Folkteatern / Gothenburg –
Free admission, limited space available. No booking needed.

This is an election year in Sweden, and it’s high time the issue of cultural politics was properly aired. Whose voice will be heard? What will be left of the arts if control and bureaucracy are given free reign? Who actually controls the arts and what does the concept of respectful distance actually mean to today’s politicians? During this session artists meet politicians to discuss, debate, and cross swords over cultural politics.

Conny Brännberg (KD)
Mariya Voyvodova (S)
Gunilla Carlsson (S)
Lars Nordström (L)
Anna Sibinska (MP)
Olof Lavesson (m)

Frida Röhl
Wahid Setihesh
Ragna Wei
Måns Lagerlöf
Anna Takanen
Aleksander Muttori
Erik Holmström
Andrea Edwards

In association with Folkteatern.

Meet us at Stora Teatern!

The festival is produced by Stora Teatern and is the natural meeting spot throughout the festival week.

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